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Investment opportunities in Vietnam are immense.

Foreign companies have been flooding into Vietnam’s larger cities to invest during the past decade.

Getting involved in Vietnam’s investment market is an excellent way to become more comfortable in the city’s business climate, make more Vietnamese business connections, improve local perception of your personal brand, and make a bit of extra revenue.

Our experienced team of consultants and brokers will help you to locate the most promising Vietnam investment opportunities. As always, consulting communication with the client is our top priority, so you can rest assured you will be consulted before any major decisions are made.

If you are starting a business in Vietnam, spend some time consulting with us, we will be sure to look closely at what you want to do with your enterprise and invest in related businesses. This will maximise the amount of useful connections made by your business while carving out a place for your name in the city’s industrial scene.

An often overlooked step to becoming successful in a city’s economy is first becoming invested in that economy, and we can help make doing Vietnam investment easy.

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What Is an Investment Consultant?

An investment consultant is a financial professional who provides investors with investment products, advice, and/or planning. Investment consultants do in-depth work on formulating investment strategies for clients, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals. Many financial advisors and financial planners would be considered investment consultants.
Investment consultants have experience in many different facets of the financial world and may work for a bank, investment firm, or on their own. They are normally educated in a financial field, must have experience in the financial services industry, and must be licensed in order to work.

Choosing an Investment Consultant

Research an investment consultant’s background before hiring their services. Review their compliance records and check for any serious breaches. For instance, check to see if they have been investigated for insider trading. It’s also prudent to check their fiduciary status and criminal record.
Check an investment consultant’s certifications to ensure he or she holds the correct licenses. Assess their education and association memberships to determine if they have the necessary experience and expertise.
Before selecting an investment consultant, it’s always a good idea to organize an in-person meeting to determine if they understand your financial goals and are accessible. Ask about fees and whether they receive any commissions.

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