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Fast advisory and consulting

In many situations, you just need a fast professional opinion, without waiting and extensive analyzes. We provide!!!

Usually the meeting last 15-20 minutes with advisory. In case it’s needed in next 2-3 hours we provide complete solution.

Fast advisory and consulting service was created by Vietnam Business Consulting team as a first on the Vietnamese market due to large number of small requests. So far it proved to be the successful solution all involved sides.

Who is it for?

Fast advisory and consulting is tailored for individuals and small enterprises, who are interested in the general about a Vietnamese market.


Fast Consulting conference call with a client, where the subject were anti-dumping investigation into welding materials from China, Thailand, Malaysia started by Vietnam.
“It said it might apply temporary anti-dumping duties to protect the domestic industry based on preliminary investigation results.
The ministry called on businesses that export, import, distribute, or use the products under investigation to register as related parties and provide necessary information to safeguard their rights and interests.
It warned it could also impose duties retroactively for 90 days and so enterprises signing import contracts should consider the possibility of their products being subjected to retroactive duties and temporary anti-dumping duties.
On May 11 last year, the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam received a request from Kim Tin Group Corporation, a welding materials manufacturing and trading company, to investigate and take anti-dumping measures on welding materials imported from the three countries.
The agency said Kim Tin has clear proof of dumping and losses caused to domestic.”

At the same time:
“Pakistan has initiated an anti-dumping investigation on cold-rolled steel products from Vietnam with a proposed duty of 27.98 percent.
Its trade authorities have asked China Steel and Nippon Steel Vietnam, based in the southern province of Ba Ria–Vung Tau, to provide feedback to dumping allegations within 45 days starting February 25.

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