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E-payments, e-commerce, e-wallet gains more and more popularity in Vietnam. Partly because of Covid-19, but also thanks to the support from government. Although the market seems to be settled, the major players are still looking a new ways to attract clients by adding new functionalities.

Education in Vietnam


Growing population shapes the education industry. Conscious parents are willing to invest in their children's future despite their limitations. E-learning platforms are playing increasing role in the education, but parents are not always convinced to the new technologies.



Vietnam is currently one of the most promising states to invest: real estate, education, e-commerce, agriculture and EVFTA create a many opportunities. There are at least 12 FTAs that Vietnamese exporters can take advantage of including agreements with major markets such as Japan, Canada and South Korea. In each FTA case, export growth has been in double digits.


Health care

Increasing role of the private sector is evident in every field. From heart surgery to IVF. From obstetrics to geriatrics, creating multiple opportunities. The growing middle class is looking for better health care services. We can see it in a big cities and we expect rapid growth in smaller towns.

Agriculture in Vietnam


Agriculture, forestry and fishing states 14% of Vietnam GDP. Vietnam is known for its low level of processing and makes it up for in quality. Organic is the key to the future. The existing companies join by expanding their product portfolio and implementing new technologies to gain access to more demanding markets.

Public Private Partnership PPP in Vietnam

Public Private Partnership

PPP in Vietnam is an area demanding, knowledgle about processes, local business climate and other special conditions, typical for a developing countries. In many cases, the need for cooperation with local partners is inevitable. This is often the decisive element that determines the success of an investment.

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