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Finding and recruiting a team of skilled professionals for a new project is never easy even if it is a local enterprise you are starting.

Recruiting in a very different culture where you are not familiar with the local hiring practices or language makes the task just about impossible without on-site help.

human resources management
Human Resources Management

Not only that, but high-quality talent is in short supply and high demand in the Vietnam business scene. Even Vietnamese recruiters have a difficult time locating intelligent, resourceful labor unless they know all the right people.

Luckily, we have you covered in both those respects, whether you’re looking to recruit highly-educated white collar executives or inexpensive factory labor for your Vietnam business.

Our highly-trained talent recruitment team, which is comprised of both Vietnamese and expats, is experienced in navigating local channels and utilising local connections in the Vietnam business scene to find exactly the people needed in order to help your project operate at maximum potential.

Of course, the recruitment process will never be taken completely out of your hands. The customer is consulted every step of the way to ensure their business needs, priorities, and other parameters are being adhered to.

In short

We will turn the task of assembling Vietnam business talent chosen specifically with your enterprise in mind from a daunting ordeal into a painless and streamlined experience.

It's not easy to find a process maintenance engineer. Our new factory production line needed one immediately. VBC delivered.
Joe Gladys testimonial
Mr. Joe Gladys
Head of Sales
The company needed to build an IT team for our branch in Saigon. Yes, we're happy to say that VBC did their job well.
Loren Bianchi testimonial
Ms. Loren Bianchi
International Development Manager
Healthcare industry is very specific. The clinic wanted to start cooperation with Vietnamese plastic surgery speaking French. What to say: they found the best one.
Joshua Andrepont testimonial
Mr. Joshua Andrepont
I've been searching by myself the Vietnamese market to hire a group of trustworthy distributors. I admit, I failed. VBC was a good solution.
Sameera Khumalo testimonial
Mrs. Sameera Khumalo
Head of HR
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