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Thanks to good understanding Vietnamese law Legals Advisory we managed to safe our clients time, stress and money on various occasions.

International Law
Commercial Law

International law

VBC analyzes agreements between countries in order to find the best solution for trade partners.

Vietnam Custom Law

Export and import trading partners might find it difficult to navigate around Vietnam Customs Law.

Commercial Law

Set up your company in Vietnam in order to benefit from Vietnam Trade agreements.


At the beginning of cooperation, in the middle of manufacturing process, just before closing a deal.

Legal Advice Law and Legal Definition

Legal advice is generally defined as the assessment and application of principles of law to a particular factual situation. It involves the application of legal principles to facts in a manner that in effect predicts a specific resolution of a legal issue or directs, counsels, urges, or recommends a course of action by a disputant or disputants as a means of resolving a legal issue. Merely providing legal information is not considered legal advice. Legal advice generally involves suggesting or predicting a course of action based upon the evaluation of a person’s or entity’s particular legal situation.
The following is an example of one state’s definition of legal advice:
An attorney-client relationship exists and one is deemed to be practicing law whenever “one undertakes for compensation, direct or indirect, to advise another, not his regular employer, in any matter involving the application of legal principles to facts or purposes or desires.”

In short

In many cases our Legal Advisory expertise saved our clients time and a lot of money. We always work in the best interests for our clients. 
To find out more about your specific case please contact with us directly. 

The usual scope of work include: analysis of the trade agreements, contracts, non-disclose agreements, Vietnamese legals acts.

Law of Vietnam is based on communist legal theory and French civil law. In 1981 major reforms were made to the judicial and legal system.

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