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Our Mission Statement

Whether a client is looking to start a new enterprise in Vietnam or simply open a new branch in the country, we at Vietnam Business Consulting abide by the philosophy that neither cultural nor linguistic barriers should ever stop the flow of honest industry. We attempt to minimize these divides by acting as cross-cultural business mediators when needed.

The Vietnam Business Consulting team strives to make sure all of its clients’ needs are met by employing local talent recruiters, import-export experts, quality control inspectors, Vietnam investment consultants, business representatives, translation gurus, and any other kind of professional business people might need to ensure their businesses in the country run smoothly. Our goal in offering such a wide range of services is that customers may never run into a wall they cannot bypass with Vietnam Business Consulting’s help.


While we aim to assist clients as much as needed, we remain wary not to actually take over the business process. Remaining attentive and in-sync with client needs is a priority at Vietnam Business Consulting. We feel it enables us to keep the client in the know and to provide a completely tailor-fitted experience to anyone we do business with.

To summarize

In short, Vietnam Business Consulting understands that running a business is complicated. It involves endless amounts of communication and negotiation that is extremely difficult if one is not comfortable in the local business environment. Therein lies the heart of our mission. To assist, to expedite, and, most importantly, to act as a bridge between our clients and reliable, secure, fully customized Vietnam Business Consulting services.

We see startups as bundles of potential just waiting to be unfurled, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping that happen. We always remain on the lookout for cases where we could be of assistance, so do not hesitate in contacting Vietnam Business Consulting, if you’re looking to grow your industry in Vietnam.

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