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Quality control during the production process helps to maintain strong relationship with producing company.

In other words, it is now relatively easy to make sure via remote connections that a business is running smoothly, but it is nearly impossible to make sure it is being done well unless you are actually there in person to observe it.

  • Production line in Vietnam
    Production line in Vietnam

Our team of on-site Vietnam quality control inspectors will act as your eyes and ears at your business facility. They will provide troubleshooting as well as regular assessments on the work being done. Exactly what is going into the work being done and report it back to you. 

Either you decide to produce fncy sport shoes, new line of garment, pieces of furniture (tables, chairs) , plastic toys, wooden toys, scaffoldings, flower pots, steel construction elements, aluminum finishing elements, power tools or paper notebooks – we will measure, count and report.  

Of course, the communication made possible by your Vietnam quality control team is not only one-way. If you require it, they will also work with you to make sure they understand what you want the work to look like. Whatever you have envisioned will be strictly enforced while your employees are on duty.

To summarize

Having one of our reliable Vietnam quality control teams on your side will provide you with all the same advantages as actually being able to supervise the project on-site by yourself. Condensed reports from the on-site inspectors will make it a lot less time consuming, though. Plus, you won’t have to make the commute.

Our devices might look simply, but the complexity lies in details. We couldn't afford mistakes. VBC controlled process.
Joe Gladys testimonial
Joe Gladys
Sourcing manager
Our manufacturer is a great company, but sometimes they had problems with keeping quality. VBC delivered perfect solution.
Anna Zajączkowska
Anna Zajączkowska


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