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Remote management is a great. It is a way to expand your reach in terms of running your business.

Sometimes, however, it’s just not the same as actually having an office in the location in which your enterprise is taking place. As a simple example, potential customers may not respond well if there is no domestic phone number to call or domestic address to which they can send shipments.

Our staff members are happy to act as your Vietnam business representatives. We will give your business a professional and local-friendly feel by performing all receptionist and secretarial services that you would find at a first-rate business establishment.

Not only that, but we will take care of all administrative support activities like payroll, accounting, infrastructure, and dealings with the Vietnamese government.

As it’s usually understand a representative is a person who has been chosen to act or make decisions on behalf of another person or a group of people. In VBC we do our best to maintain transparent cooperation despite the distance.

Having a legitimate office presence in Vietnam and a team of professional Vietnam business representatives will improve your standing with locals, lend your enterprise a greater amount of credibility with potential clients, and give you the distinction of being able to say you have offices in Vietnam.

In short

Vietnam Representative is your “boots on the ground”. Your ears, eyes and hands. Meeting with companies on your behalf, in a close cooperation with the superior, to close the deal, find a distributor or fulfill other tasks.

The best solutions for companies who are looking for a combination of: deep market research, direct approach and cost efficiency. 

We needed someone to be there in Vietnam for us. VBC made it possible.
Jack Walsh
Mr. Jack Walsh
I always look for a perspective cooperation. VBC worked for us.
Amanda Byrne
Mrs. Amanda Byrne
Ourcourcing Director
Having a personal representative in Vietnam was a great solution.
Thomas Evans
Mr. Thomas Evans
Head of Development Unit
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