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Work in Poland and support you family

1. Working hours in Poland

Poland’s labor law stipulates that the working hours should not exceed 8 hours per day, about 40 hours per week, if there is overtime or overtime, it must not exceed 48 hours per week. Every week, employees have 2 days off, Saturday and Sunday. With shift jobs, each shift is only within 6 hours. In case employees have to work on rest days, public holidays, etc., the employer must arrange alternate days off. Overtime hours will be charged allowance. 

2. Holiday regime in Poland

When choosing Poland to export labor to Europe, you will have vacation days in the year, the number of days depends on your working seniority. Accordingly, if under 10 years, the annual leave is 20 days, from 10 years or more, there will be 26 days off. 

In addition to every Saturday and Sunday, every year, Polish workers also have a day off on January 1; the first and second days of Easter; 1/5;3/5; the first day of the Feast of the Holy Harvest; August 15, November 1; 11/11; December 25 and 26…. In addition, there are sick days, certified by a doctor.

3. Base salary in Poland

The basic salary in Poland is regulated at 1,000EURO/month (equivalent to about 23.6 million VND/month), if calculated by the hour, it is 5.5 EURO/hour, if you work overtime from 2-4 hours, you will receive 150% of the basic hourly wage; Working on weekends or holidays, the salary is calculated at 200-300% of basic salary. So when exporting labor to Poland, if you work hard, your income can reach from 25 to 48 million VND/month. 

4. Contract term when signing with Polish employer.

The duration of the working contract in Poland for foreign workers is 2 years and is renewable. When renewing, you will not have to pay any additional fees. During the working process, the employer must provide accommodation and transportation for the employee and provide transportation and air ticket to return home for the employee when the contract term expires. 

Although it is a labor export market with a very high salary, Poland’s labor export is still a relatively foreign labor export market for Vietnamese workers, especially unskilled workers. Therefore, choosing a reputable partner to be able to trust to export Polish labor is not easy.

5. What jobs can Vietnamese workers do in Poland?

The Polish national government is increasingly creating conditions for well-qualified Asians to work in the country. Therefore, if you have a diploma from the top education in the world such as the US, UK, Australia or Canada, you can completely find professional work in Poland. The job can give you a good salary and many opportunities for advancement. In case you only come to Poland as an unskilled worker, you can find some jobs such as: 

♦ Work in factories

♦ Working on the farm

♦ Do nails or simple jobs at beauty salons

♦ Welder, electrician, carpenter

♦ Construction workers

♦ Workers in food processing factories

♦ Sales staff at retail stores

In addition, there are many other job positions that Vietnamese people who want to work in Poland can choose from. However, once they have obtained a visa and come to Poland to work, it will be very difficult for workers to change orders. Therefore, it is best for employees to learn carefully and choose the order that is suitable for their own capacity and needs. Avoid the case that the order has been executed. Even went to Poland but felt that the job was not suitable. Want to change another job. 

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